Quick & Alive

Vivace is an all purpose rigging solution fit for any 3D developments. It is highly customizable through a graphical user-interface. Rather than relying on a rigger to tweak and setup controls on a per-rig basis, the power is transferred to you. Add, remove, and edit components to customize the rig for your specification, and the rest of the setup process is auto-magical.


Customizable Rig

The Vivace rig offers a high degree of customization. It is designed to support anywhere between a lean, optimized setup, to complex, high fidelity systems. Vivace will satisfy your design and technical requirements.

Unity Support

Humanoid Mecanim Presets

An out-of-the-box rig ready for setup and deployed for Unity. With the introduction of Unity's Mecanim, game animation controllers and state machine setup and transfer has become ever more accessible. With a templated rig dedicated to harness the power of Mecanim, your characters are as plug-and-play as ever!

Simple Publishing Tools

Publishing content is as simple as setup. Presto will automatically optimize your Vivace character and animations for export. You will have clear and clean outputs ready for engine implementation.