Art: Bravemind

Rigging TD;
Lead Environment/Vehicle Artist;
Level Designer & Integrator

Bravemind is an immersive simulation system designed to treat veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with funding focused on the Iraq/Afghanistan wars.

Levels are generally large open worlds filled with crowds and landmarks, with two modes of exploration - walking and driving. I wore many hats through the project, ranging from rigging TD & lead environment/vehicle artist, to level layout design & integrator.

Of the vehicles, a fully destructible humvee complete with a detailed interior was of the highest priority.

Creating Sparks

Layout and Trigger Events

First, I designed the levels' layouts, blocked out for testing, then visually fleshed out. Waypoints and trigger events were then added to recreate experiences during deployment (like car bombs, explosions and alleyway enemy ambushes).