City Tile Generation

Building Rome in a day

Building and iterating on a medium or large open-world environment can become a drain on production resources.

When designing a new level or game mechanic, the environment should ideally be flexible enough to adapt new requirements that enhance the user's experience. While large stuidios may have the man-power to tailor and flesh out complex environments, a small production team requires the best of both worlds.

Fast Iterations, Control & Scalable Quality

We were challenged with creating a medium sized middle eastern modern city scape with varying density and population. It should mimic that of a real, living city, while the user visually observe and inspects the surroundings. I developed a system that was able to deliver flexibility and iteration speeds for rapid game mechanics design, as well as quality and scalability for the production phase.

The city-tile templates becomes a very fast visualization and environment layout tool that lets designers iterate on mechanics while having maximum control, all without the cost of a heavy scene with lighting and dense geometry. These templates have high-level and precise parameterized control over asset density and style to help orchestrate a living, breathing experience.