Project: Canvas

Camera, Lights, Action!

It is common practice for studios to create in-house tools and features to enhance production flexibility and speed. However, it is less common to do it well, and to a degree that can be distributed as a commercial product.

This timeline tool proves invaluable for creating meaningful and dynamic cinematics and virtual human interaction content.

Not only is our team challenged to bring this production tool from the Unity Editor into a standalone runtime environment, but more critically to make it simple and intuitive for less technical end-user to take full advantage of the power at their finger tips.

Enjoyable Authoring

I designed the interface with two primary goals - familiarity and intuitivity. Timeline functions needed to look and feel incredibly similar to common video editing software, while special functions were designed to be discoverable and easy to use.

I paid special attention to user interactions with customizing the environment, character, as well as interfaces for user-driven feature extensions. All these allowed the user to easily visualize and author dynamic content, all within a beautiful enjoyable experience.