Art: Auto-Skin

2 hours down to 5 minutes

When planning for a project with a large number of assets, especially characters, automation and guidelines become your ultimate friends. Through the production cycle we had to repeatedly iterate and assemble characters at a rapid rate, which made it unfeasible to constantly re-rig and re-skin each. The challenge to me is to maintain the integrity of the library of characters throughout development.

I developed the system and tools to automate skinning from a template, together with a few guidelines for mesh creation for a team of artists. Once the characters were assembled or iterated on, everyone on the team had access to automatically skin and rig their characters.

This ability drastically reduced the bottleneck of going through riggers every time a character was made/updated. In the end, each of the 2 hour process was reduced to 5 minutes of automation, spread out through the entire team of artists. This freed up the technical artists to focus on integration and general QA.